Trek is the youngest son of the Ingram family. He was diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder called Neimann Pick Type A in January 2012.  There is currently no cure for this disease and the life expectancy is 18 months-3 years of age. This is a place where you can read about his life and support his family. Trek traveled around the world with his family from January 2012-June 21, 2012 where Trek died in Phuket,Thailand. This site was set up for Trek by his Auntie Amanda for fundraising for Trek, but is not longer updated. Feel free to look around.

You can also go to Trek’s mommy’s website where she blogs everyday about their adventures as they keep Trek’s spirit alive and continue to travel around  the world and her journey grieving her lost son. You can read all about Trek’s life at

Following After Trek

PicMonkey Collage

Let me start by saying that I am not much of a reader and rarely finish an entire book, but in the case of reading Following After Trek, I read cover to cover without any pause or fight. In fact, I read it twice within a week. Yes I am family and a bit biased, but I can honestly say that Following After Trek holds it’s own aside from all of those facts!

I have always thought Jarrett is an excellent writer and this book  proved that even more to me.  It portrays Trek’s beautiful life with his family in the best way possible and although it is heart wrenching, it is so perfectly written through his daddy’s words.  You can feel Jarrett’s heart through every word and Trek’s beauty is remembered so perfectly through those words.  I talk to my sister almost every day and have such a strong connection with her.  I know her heart, even if only a fraction of what she feels, but I hurt with her. There is no way I could ever know how her or Jarrett feel.  I have always thought highly of Jarrett and am one proud sister-in-law, but it was not until I read his book that I truly got to see his hurt and his heart.  You feel as if you are there and his words really pull you in.  It is so hard to understand what they went through and still go through each and every minute of the day; I am so thankful for his words and for allowing us to be a part of the journey through his novel.

The book will make you laugh, cry and experience every possible emotion.  I could not put it down and spent many hours unaware of my surroundings because I was so engrossed in it.  I did not know what to expect and I was extremely pleased and pleasantly surpised with every word.  His detailing was amazing as if I was there and I could picture how everything looked perfectly. I felt connected to each character.  With each chapter I wanted more and the more I read the more I had to keep reading to find out what happened next.  It was neat to see how the fiction and real life events all flowed together and never once was I bored.  I was so lucky to be a part of Trek’s life and it was even more special to read about those moments through Jarrett’s words…someone who knew him best and loved him most alongside Chelsea.  All of the beauty of Trek’s life was truly justified through the novel.  The love between each of them was greatly expressed and only left me wanting to live more fully and love more deeply.

Aside from me knowing sweet Trek and his family and even having the joy of spending time with them, as just a reader, I was blown away by the book in more ways than one! I don’t even know how to describe it appropriately or express how amazing it is, I only write this post in hopes that everyone will read it and share it!  You will not regret it and I am excited to see how it grows and where Trek’s story continues to travel. What better way for his beautiful life to be shared than through his daddy’s words?! Please help me share Following After Trek with everyone.

If you are able to order a copy and read the book, please help with feedback. I know when I am wanting a certain product that I always hope for a review before I buy it. I know that each and every review really does help.  Writing a review on Amazon is not only helpful to Jarrett but to everyone who is wondering if they should order the book.  It has already gotten some awesome reviews! The more there are the better I say:) I cannot wait to see how everything plays out; I have no doubt that it will travel fast and that Following After Trek will be a huge hit all over the world. Thanks Jarrett for allowing all of us to come along on your journey and for sharing your heart and talent with us all! I know there are big things ahead for you!

Here are some ways you can get a copy for yourself or a friend:

You can order a paperback or e-book for your Kindle on Amazon here:

or you can order for your Nook here:

You can read more from Jarrett on his blog:

You can also read about what they are all up to and hear from Chelsea on her blog:

Don’t forget to let them know what you think and post a review if you can on Amazon. I’m so excited for them and hope everyone enjoys the book!


I will never forget this sweet sweet boy and hope everyone gets the chance to read about his life through his daddy’s book.

PicMonkey Collage

Thanks Jarrett for sharing your heart and writing an excellent novel for all of us to read. Your boys are so lucky to have a dad like you!

Flat Trek

I have recieved some really special pictures from lots of people all over the world that have a Flat Trek! It has been so neat to see them all. I am going to work on getting them all organized for the Ingrams and wanted to see if there were any more pictures out there that anyone wanted to send. I do not want to miss anyone that is still working on them and wanted to give enough time.  Please email me @ if you need more time or have pictures to add. Thank you all so much for making this little project so much bigger than any of us thought! I am excited to get all of the pictures together for the Ingrams, I think it will be really special for them to have forever.

After I recieve and gather up all of the pictures I will share them on the blog so you can all see them.

Thanks everyone for your help!

Running for Trek

A sweet friend is running her first marathon and wants to run in Trek’s honor. Chelsea met Shannon in Maui and Chelsea shared Shannon with me as well. I’m so glad she did!   Shannon is such a beautiful, sweet friend and she wanted to do something special for Trek and his family.  Below is her letter about the marathon and her goal. Thanks Shannon for this beautiful gift to Jarrett, Chelsea, Peyton, Conner and Trek.  Love you sweet friend!

On July 29th I plan on running in Trek’s honor in my first and probably only marathon. This has been on my “bucket” list for a long time and several weeks ago I thought I not only want to run for my two little Loves but also for Trek.
My name is Shannon and some of you I know but for those of you who don’t, I am a mother of two blessings and in the last year we moved from Maui to CA.
I met Chelsea in Maui and loved her from the beginning. She was one of the first moms to reach out to me and invite me over to her home and she was the one who was new to Maui. Chelsea is beautiful inside and out. From the beginning of knowing Chelsea she was totally “in” as a mom. She has always followed her convictions in her care for her boys and has been so engaged. Chelsea and her sweet sister, Amanda have always been so generous to me and my two children I used to look at Chelsea’s life and think I could use a good dose of that….meaning….carefree, not being bound by schedule, being “in tune” with her boys and loving them, freedom….I am so thankful for those days in her company, I left better than when I came.
There are moments I wonder why I am doing this and what have I gotten myself into to run 26.2 miles. But as the Ingrams have shown us, it is about seizing the moment and just going for it. There is a deep reason I feel I need to do this and I feel running for Trek is part of this reason.
So I am asking for support for the Ingrams as I attempt to complete this feat. I am running to Embrace Life. If you would like to offer support, I would like to reach a goal of $1040 or $40 per mile that I run. My hope is that these monies will offer support during this time of transition as they begin in a new home.
These donations can be given directly through pay pal for the Ingrams. Whatever you feel you can contribute is wonderful…I am just hoping all the money will be in by July 28th.
I know we are all so blessed by being able to walk this journey with Trek’s family!
God’s Blessings,
“…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completionuntil the day of Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 1:6
 p.s.  I will let you know how we did….and if we completed our goal!

Shannon, Deveraux, and Anderson loving on Trek

Kisses from Anderson


I am excited to hear about how Shannon does (she will do great:) ) and if the goal is met!


Beach Celebration for Trek: Baby Beach June 30, 2012


Saturday, June 30th was a beautiful and very special day! It was sunny, warm and the skies were so blue.  Some of us met at baby beach on Maui to celebrate the beautiful life of Trek Atlas.  Everything about Trek’s life was beautiful and so full of love so we all made sure that that day at the beach was just that…beautiful and lots of love for Trek.  Even through tears, we were able to all smile and laugh.  Kids were splashing and playing in the water.  We were all able to talk about Trek and all the wonderful, perfect things about him.  Oh how badly we wanted to be there under different circumstances, but we made the very most of our time together that day.  With almost 6000 flowers, a beautiful day, a beautiful ocean, and the most beautiful baby boy to think of…our time there was perfect.  There was so much love being sent over the ocean to Jarrett, Chelsea, Peyton and Conner.  5000 of the flowers actually came from Thailand, which I thought was so neat and special.  Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate sweet Trek…it was perfect.  Thank you to everyone from all over the world who donated for flowers and were also sending love from afar.  That sweet boy has left an imprint on the world that will last forever…I know not a day will go by that I will not think of Trek, miss him, and love even deeper because of him.

We love you so much sweet boy!

Click the youtube link below to watch a little slide show of some of the beautiful pictures the wonderful Juliana Arboleda took.  I have many more to share as well that are not on the video that I are posted on the Trek Atlas facebook page.  Thank you Jules for capturing that day so beautifully!

Beach Celebration for Trek

Click here to see all of the pictures on Trek’s facebok page:  Beach Celebration Pictures

Beach celebration for Trek

I have had some questions and requests from people who do not live on Maui on how they can contribute to the beach celebration this next Saturday.  The original plan to send leis into the ocean has been changed to flowers since the strings are not allowed.  I know so many all over the world have followed Trek’s life and have grown to love him and his family so much.  I would love to include any of you that may not be able to physically be here on that day.  If you want me to purchase some flowers for me to bring to the beach that day I thought the best way to do so would be to use the paypal donation button on the blog.  $5 will not only help the Ingrams during this difficult time but will also allow anyone to be a part of the celebration of Trek from across the ocean.  I can just picture lots of beautiful plumerias floating out into the ocean for sweet Trek! If you wish to do this please just specify when you donate that your donation is for flowers and I will make sure to help you be a part of that special day.

I have also had a few people ask what the needs of the Ingram family is during this time.  One of their needs aside from lots of love and prayers is financial.

For Maui friends, the celebration is Saturday the 30th at noon at baby beach side closest to Lahaina. It will be a very special day!

the world will never be the same

Sweet baby Trek Atlas passed away today in his mama’s arms, surrounded by his daddy and brothers.  You can read about his last day with his sweet family through his mama’s words here:

The world will never be the same without this beautiful baby boy who caught the eye and heart of so many.

Please send love to each Jarrett, Chelsea, Peyton, and Conner as they experience something that no one should ever have to go through.  Trek was so loved and had the most beautiful life with these 4; they each did everything perfect for him.

Trek will be so missed by everyone and I was so lucky to have been his auntie here on earth, he definately stole a piece of my heart the minute he was born and I will never be the same.

I love you Jarrett, Chelsea, Peyton and Conner and am sending you my whole heart right now! Thank you for sharing your beautiful boy with us all.

For all Maui friends that knew baby Trek and his family:

I leave the island to move in less than 2 weeks and could never leave without celebrating Trek on the beautiful island he was born where there are so many wonderful memories.  I would love for all of us to meet at baby beach next Saturday the 30th at noon to send flowers out into the ocean in celebration of Trek’s beautiful life.  I know he deserves even more but I thought this would be a neat way for his Maui Ohana to celebrate him here.  Please contact me if you have any questions. Please bring loose flowers (plumerias have a very special meaning to their family and to Chelsea for her boys and I think it would be soo beautiful to see tons of them floating into the ocean for Trek)  to the side of baby beach closest to Lahaina town at noon and let’s send out our love over the ocean to Jarrett, Chelsea, Peyton, and Conner in Thailand.  He is their Maui baby and he deserves a beautiful celebration of his beautiful life here.

Their Maui baby

A perfect month

It has only been 2 days since my boys and I dropped off our buddies at the airport and I am all kinds of emotions.  It was one of the hardest goodbyes.  Our house is a bit quiet, boring, and empty.  I did not know how we would all feel after they left our home but I tried preparing myself a few days in advance.  It was a bittersweet feeling.  There is always a sense of peace and happiness that I feel becasue I know they have beautiful adventures ahead.  Not knowing when I will see them all again is really hard still, but I am beyond grateful for the entire month we had with them in our very own home.

Our home felt whole and our hearts full having them here.  I feel so lucky that Trek Atlas Ingram slept in our family bed for a whole month.  I loved hearing their voices and laughs just a room away and it felt so comfortable living with all 9 of us under one roof.  We even talked about how it is not easy to live with anyone for that long, but I can truly say I loved every second of it!  Our boys are like brothers and it was so fun seeing them play and interact.  It was nice being able to watch my sister and Jarrett with their boys and how they love them in every situation and moment.  I have always admired them and how they parent but I learned so much from them in that month than ever before.  They are so patient, gentle, free, open, and loving with all 3 of their boys and there is always something positive I could take away from them.  There were lots of laughs between the adults and it was neat seeing Chet with is best friend again.  I respect Jarrett and Chelsea so much and it was nice to just catch up and be lazy bums some days.  I wanted their time in our home to be relaxing and peaceful before they set out on their next adventure.  I know I did not do everything perfect and if I could go back and change some things I would make it even better than I tried to do…but I will always look back at that month as one of the best of my life.  The snuggles I had with Trek would take my breath away, and I would just kiss his soft cheeks and whisper to him how much I love him.  He is truly the most loveable guy ever!  I got to catch up with my very best friend and sister.  She is the strongest most beautiful person I have ever met and all I wanted to do every day was take away her pain.  She still always kept her beautiful smile on her face and loved on her boys the same as always.  Even though she may not always share her pain, I still hurt for her.  I will never understand what her and Jarrett go through.  They have never once stopped loving on their boys or let any sadness affect their boys days.  They left a few items behind at our house and they are just beautiful reminders of our time together under one roof.  There is a blanket that smells just like Trek and I will never wash it;) So many memories in every room of our home!

I want to say thank you to Jarrett and Chelsea for allowing us to spend an entire month with them and for taking time out of their journey to come to Maui.  It was perfect in every way for us and our time with them here will never be forgotten.  As we dropped them off for a rather quick goodbye at the airport, I did not think I would even have time to let my emotions run wild, but as I kissed Trek’s sweet cheek tears naturally streamed down my face.  That baby boy has a very special place in my heart and he took a piece of my heart with him that day.  Even through the sadness of saying goodbye that day…I could not help but smile as I saw my sister’s face as she turned from us to see her 2 boys walking in their fire pants and pulling their suitcases.  She talks about this in her post and it was neat for me to read what she thought after I was there to witness her joy for thier next chapter in life.  Jarrett and Chelsea are taking their boys on a journey that most will  never do in their lifetime and it is a beautiful thing to watch! I am so lucky to be those boys auntie, my sister’s sister, and Jarrett’s sister-in-law.  They are pretty incredible if you ask me.

pizza party!

wrestling on the bed the first day:)

Conner and Preston catching up on the latest gossip

Peyton and Preston with their cool weapons

This boy brings me so much joy!

best friends

perfect love

love them together

haha, life is much less fun and entertaining without these two together

my beautiful sister and her little love

Chet giving some snuggles

Preston would smother Trek with soo much love

Time with Jackson

sleeping angel

such a little lover

I will leave you with his handsome smile and beautiful blue eyes:)

Trek’s special day at Hard Rock

I had so much excitement built up weeks before the Ingram’s arrival to Maui, and then the day finally came! Preston and I went to the airport and could barely contain our excitement while waiting for them inside…Preston actually ran past the security point once he caught first glimpse of his cousins and got yelled at by the guard, hehe.  We had been dreaming and planning for them to come stay with us for a while.  We got a couple of lazy days to just catch up as we waited for my parents to come into town a couple of days later.  Then the fabulous day for Hard Rock came! It turned out to be another beautiful, sunny day on Maui and I was beyond excited to wake up that day and head on over to the cafe to set up.  Hard Rock had been so wonderful and easy to work with and with the help of Jennifer Carvalho, it turned out to be a beautiful, fun and special event.  With help from my parents, Jen, and some others from Hard Rock, we were able to decorate with some fun stuff for Trek and get the party started.  The event started at 11am and ended later in the afternoon.  There was lots of eating, talking, dancing, and fun.  Chad Van Herk, his wife Liz, her mom and sister all flew to Maui for the event and for Chad to sing for Trek.  He really helped make the event special and complete.  The vibe of the day was relaxed and perfect and there was nothing left to do but love on Trek.  Between raffle items, silent auction items, t-shirts, beach balls, bracelets, Jarrett’s children’s book, Chad’s CD’s, and donations,  we were able to raise $3400 for Trek! Woohoo!! Everyone was so generous and there was so much love for sweet Trek the entire day.  The whole day was super fun and it was great to have everyone come together to celebrate Trek.

Later that evening a few of us met at the beach to light paper lanterns for baby Trek.  It was so special and beautiful.  We all made wishes and had a great time.

I plan to enjoy every day I have with Jarrett, Chelsea, Peyton, Conner, and Trek while they are here on Maui.  We have really missed them and love having them in our home.

Even though I love hearing their laughs and voices just a room away, I am more excited for them to conitue on their sweet journey as a family across oceans.

Jen and I by the “Trek” table

World balloons to greet everyone as they walked in

one of the centerpieces…they all had different pictures of Trek and the awesome Embrace Life tattoos

the raffle table

My amazing parents helping out

a view of the cafe

the beautiful beach view from the table

Jarrett reading off the winners for the raffle

lots of people:)

making a wish!



Let’s light up the sky for Trek!

When I think of Trek, I think of everything beautiful, pure, happy, and magical.  He is just perfect in every way.  I wanted to do something special for Trek when they were all here on Maui so I asked Chelsea if I could order a bunch of the sky paper lanterns to let go one night to celebrate baby Trek.  After we both got super excited, I ordered 100 of them on Amazon, woohoo! I have only seen the lanterns on a couple of shows on TV.  I always think of the movie Tangled and how beautiful it was in that super cute love scene.  I also think of the bachelorette season when they went to the huge lantern festival in Thailand!  It was amazing to see on TV so I can only imagine to see it in person.  So beautiful and I could think of no one more perfect do one for!  Trek comes to mind every time I think of the beautiful lanterns floating up into the sky.  I wish we could hold a ceremony as large as the one in Thailand, but I know a smaller, more intimate one will be just as special.  My hope is that lots of people come out and surround baby Trek with lots of positive wishes and love as we all light a lantern and send it up into the sky.

The Hard Rock event for Trek is coming up this Saturday, May 12th from 11-4.  The paper lantern ceremony will happen that evening right after sunset at baby beach.  We would like to meet everyone there at 7.  I would love for anyone to join us on this very special night to celebrate Trek.  I will have lanterns available to hand out at the Hard Rock event.  Please keep this night open and come join us at Baby Beach on the side closest to Lahaina Town.

I cannot wait for this magical night and to celebrate baby Trek with lots of people who love him!

Don’t forget to stop by Hard Rock that day for awesome music by Chad Van Herk (, yummy food, raffle and silent auction items, Embrace Life shirts, bracelets and beach balls.  Jarrett’s 1st children’s book will also be available for sale; I am super excited about this (!  It will be such a special and fun day to celebrate with Trek!

Sending lots of love to you baby Trek and we cannot wait to celebrate you very soon!

Johnny Rockets for Trek

Another awesome fundraiser has been set up for baby Trek in Denver! Woohoo!

Johnny Rockets in Cherry Creek Mall and Park Meadows Mall are both hosting a “Dine to Donate” fundraiser for Trek for 3 entire days.  All you have to do is go in May 7th, 8th, or 9th and bring in the attached flyer to give to your waitor and 20% of your meal will go to baby Trek!  I hope lots of our Denver friends will spread the word and eat for Trek.  Thank you Mistara Markwell for putting this together!  I am still blown away by everyones support for Trek and his family, so much love!

There will also be a donation bottle set up at the restaurants for the month! soo cool!

Please see the attached flyer for more details and make sure to print one off if you can make it to Johnny Rockets one of these days.

Johnny Rockets flyer for Trek